Adelaide Gross


Adelaide views the practice of yoga asana as a means of meditation and devotion, a clear and joyful way to use the gift of our bodies to connect with our highest Selves. She has been practicing yoga for ten years and began teaching in 2013. Adelaide completed her 200-hour certification through Boston Yoga School in March 2014. Subsequently, she has completed advanced trainings in Vedic and Daoist scriptural studies.  

In her classes expect to enjoy pranayama and slowly-flowing vinyasa, supported by the clear alignment of the Iyengar tradition. Adelaide takes care to cultivate community in the class environment, taking the time to connect with each individual student as well as encouraging connections between students. In addition to teaching yoga, she is also a Qi Gong practitioner and often incorporates elements of that ancient tradition into her teaching. She views her role as a teacher is to facilitate the practice and help students access the teachings in a way that is applicable to them. The fundamental teachings lie in continued practice itself.  

Adelaide is eternally grateful to all of her teachers, including Ame Wren, Georgia Wreath, Kevin Courtney, Thomas Droge, and Alex Auder.