Anthony Tomasi


There is no substitute for a daily, diligent practice.

 Anthony believes in the transformative power of a committed, disciplined practice. With a background in Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga, trained by Jen Ryan of The Yoga Loft and Nicole Grant of Yoga Mandala, Anthony received his teacher training certificate in 2010 and has been teaching full time since then. He loves to blend the power and discipline of Ashtanga with the grace and fluidity of a vinyasa style class and an educational approach to anatomy. Most recently he has been training with Matt Giordano and is a level 2 Chromatic Yoga Teacher. Chromatic Yoga is about embracing the spectrum of energy that life has to offer, and we use the elements of nature as our basis for self study. Students and teachers in this community look for ways to empower each other from their similarities as well as their differences. Rather than looking for ways to be powerful over each other, we look for ways to be self empowered while embracing the collective effort of the community - recognizing that we are stronger as a team, and our team is stronger when the individuals have stepped into their full power. We not only study yoga as a physical and mental practice, but also, what makes a successful and captivating teacher.