Christina Barbieri

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Christina began practicing yoga when she was 15 and her sister took her to her first Jivamukti class. As an avid athlete, Christina was instantly hooked, enjoying the view of the world upside down, and sweating more than she ever had! It wasn’t until later in life when Christina suffered sports related injuries in college that she began practicing more consistently, experiencing the healing benefits of yoga for mind, body & soul. Yoga became a tool to connect with her place in space both on and off the sports field. Not only was her body stronger and more agile than ever before, but through the yogic lifestyle, her mind was able to quiet, and Christina was finally able to find her home, the sanctuary that had been inside of her all along.

Christina teaches a vinyasa flow class inspired and influenced by the Iyengar style. Her teaching approach is playful, focused on cultivating one’s own spatial awareness as well as one’s connection with the universe that exists within. Christina is focused on alignment, and bringing one’s awareness to our subtle body by creating both a safe & physically challenging, yet internally calming practice. Her intention as a yoga teacher is to help people feel comfortable in her classes to open up and “practice themselves” by listening to their bodies & quieting their mind to any degree, and leaving class feeling more balanced and serene than when they came in.

Christina is eternally grateful to her teachers: Ame Wren, Kevin Courtney, Joshua Summers, Brenna Matthews, Caroline Pineau & Jenn Duran.