Samantha Dyer

After months of urging from a friend, Samantha reluctantly took her first yoga class in January of 2010. All it took was that one class and she fell in love. Since then, her love of the athletic aspects of vinyasa yoga quickly grew into a much deeper appreciation of the depth and wealth of self discovery that yoga has to offer. Samantha graduated with her RYT-200 certification from the Yoga of Energy Flow program with teachers Daniel Orlansky and Dana Lincoln in March, 2012. As a teacher, Samantha’s goal is to not only strengthen and tone the physical body through the asanas (postures), but also to guide her students into a deeper awareness and relationship with themselves and the world around them.

Samantha’s classes are ashtanga-based vinyasa yoga. No yoga experience is required, and modifications can be offered for injuries and all levels of physical fitness. However, the class does flow from pose to pose quickly, so expect to breathe, move and maybe even work up a sweat!