Yoga Class Descriptions

Riverside offers classes for practitioners at all levels, from beginner to advanced yoga students. We primarily teach vinyasa style yoga, incorporating dynamic movement with breath, and the room is kept at a comfortably warm temperature (not hot). We also offer classes in the traditional Ashtanga method.

Yoga Basics
This class breaks down the foundations of the vinyasa style yoga practice. Appropriate for beginners brand new to yoga, or students who are just looking to work on the fundamentals or alignment in their practice.

Mindful Movement & Meditation
Move the body, then melt into a deep guided meditation. This class includes 35 minutes of mindful flow (appropriate for all levels) leading into a guided meditation. No experience required; this class is a great way to introduce meditation into your everyday life.

All Levels Yoga Flow
An all-levels class. Appropriate for beginner to advanced yoga practitioners. Intermediate and advanced poses are offered and broken down as well as reinforcement of foundational postures.

Slow Flow
This is class maintains the foundations of a vinyasa style practice (linking movement with breath) but moves at a slower pace. This allows time for more focus on alignment and space to explore deeper layers of the poses. Appropriate for all levels of practitioners.

Gentle Flow
This class focuses on moving slowly into basic yoga postures while emphasizing breath work and simplicity. It is a perfect companion practice to our more active vinyasa and Ashtanga style classes. This class welcomes beginners and anyone wishing to balance their regular practice with a softer, mindful class. Appropriate for all levels of practitioners.

Power Yoga (Level 2/3)
Introduces more advanced postures including arm balances, inversions and backbends in a creative and dynamic vinyasa flow. Appropriate for intermediate and advanced level students.

Ashtanga Primary Series
In this class the instructor leads students through the set sequence of postures in the Ashtanga Primary Series. This class emphasizes the traditional sequence, foundations and alignment of Ashtanga Yoga. Appropriate for intermediate to advanced level students.