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The EmPOWERment Workshop Series: Let the Truth be Heard


The days of pushing ourselves to look good and get things done are over. It's time to take a smarter approach to being productive and staying grounded and healthy! In Tina's workshop, you will learn breathing techniques that will teach you how to move through difficulty with more ease and cultivate awareness that will help you reduce stress, anxiety, and sickness, and build a stronger body and healthy mind. This workshop is appropriate for all levels (beginners to teachers) and includes movement, breath work, meditation and discussion.

$25 per person

About Tina Porter

Life with 2 young children is what nourishes Tina's Daily practice, fueling her classes that are a true example of her integrity and devotion. The Denver Post and 5280 (Denver's Premiere Magazine, Top of the Town) considers Tina Porter "One of Denver's most sought-after yoga instructors". Tina has taught for The Yoga Journal Conference, The Telluride Yoga Festival and a series of Yoga Rocks the Mountains. Porter has been featured in newspapers, national yoga magazines and has done various radio interviews about what she believes in the most--yoga! She continues to travel and teach workshops worldwide. Her style of yoga is an expansive expression of all lineages and styles from traditional Ashtanga to a free-flowing Power. Her teacher of 11 years, Bryan Kest (who coined POWER Yoga in Santa Monica, CA) is the one who suggested she take her passion off the mat, and she has been now been teaching for over a decade.