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Balance Your Hormones Naturally

With Christy LeMire

Hormones affect everything from mood, to weight, to digestion. If you have symptoms like fatigue, weight gain, skin issues, trouble sleeping, sugar cravings, PMS, low libido, infertility, relentless irritability, poor stress resilience or irregular menstrual cycles, chances are you have a hormone imbalance.

Join Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Christy LeMire to get to know your hormones, identify your specific hormone imbalances and learn ways to boost your body's ability to balance your hormones naturally through simple nutrition and lifestyle shifts.

Christy studied under Dr. Sara Gottfried's Hormone Cure Training Program and incorporates elements of The Gottfried Protocol for hormone balancing into her health & wellness practice to help improve the lives of women of any age.

$25 per person