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Master Class with Goldie Graham

G-Flow Master Class

Riverside is thrilled to welcome renowned teacher Goldie Graham to our studio! If you like to flow, this class is for you! Taught in less of a "workshop" style and has more of a "master class" feel to it, Goldie will lead you through an intelligent, creative vinyasa sequence with an emphasis on intuitive movement and your internal metronome. Class starts with pranayama and visualization which will lead into asana and eventually build up to a stronger flow working towards postural peaks. Open to all, regardless of practitioner level, each posture will be presented with modifications for both the beginner and advanced student, inviting every yogic body and practice. 

About Goldie

Goldie travels the globe teaching workshops, retreats, teacher trainings, and has been an instructor at various Wanderlust Festivals. Goldie is known for her creative, intelligent sequencing, while keeping precision and alignment paramount within a carefully crafted sequence. Through your experience in her classes, you’ll witness how Goldie highlights the importance of creating a soundtrack to accompany the rhythm of the physical flow. Her classes are inspired by the teachings of Nikki Vilella and Schyuler Grant of Kula Yoga in NYC, as well as the discipline and innovation of David Regelin. Goldie has been featured in Yoga Journal, Runner’s World, Marie Claire,The Huffington Post and was awarded the esteem of “Best of Boston” in 2012.

$40 per person. Pre-registration required.