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Menopause and the Mind-Body Connection

Reserve a Friday night to focus on YOU. Come to a deeper understanding of the peri- and menopausal stage of your life. Jennifer will lead you on a 90 minute journey, connecting your mind, body, and heart through sensory tools, from natural sounds and soothing oils, to chocolate samples. Class begins with gentle discussion and meditation, followed by nourishing movement and deep floor stretches, ending with intention setting and a replenished view of your purpose and state. Join this peaceful, open environment where you can recharge and nurture your soul. No prior experience needed.

About Jennifer Howe

Jennifer Howe has been practicing and sharing Pilates for 12 years. A child gymnast and dancer, Jennifer found joy through movement. After a back injury, Stott Pilates was the only movement system Jennifer found that continually reinforced proper posture, which nursed her back to health. Jennifer’s method challenges clients to try new moves, while maintaining proper posture. Through thoughtful cueing and gentle touch, Jennifer is able to help her students realign, both physically and mentally. Her method helps you understand and learn how to create space in your joints, ease muscle tension, and lengthen the body to create a supple, fluid, and strong support for your everyday motions.

$35 per person. Please pre-register for this event.